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Dr. Ment
(Balthazar Philips Mento)

Son of a bookseller, he soon developed skills for medicine. he studied this field in the famous University of Mistakonic. There, he had his first contacts with paranormal phenomena, and met his great love, Angelica Carnavorn. Together, they discovered a new passion for the Arcane Secrets, studying them in depth until becoming true scholars, able to perform exorcism, invocations and a lot of spells. ment decided to end up his relationship with Angelica, qith all the pain in his heart, for he could see in her a huge desire of power, qich she placed before everything else..

(Henry Joseph Callahan)

his father wanted him to be a doctor or a lawyer, but they soon realized that harry was better in getting in trouble rather than in studying. Therefore, the patriarch made him work at the family business, a drugstore in Evidence's downtown. Nut Harry went on dreaming and he soon started to like adventures and science fiction's book, above all the ones written by Jules Verne. His monotonous life changed when a new person, the Doctor Ment, moved to the neighbourhood. A great friendship started as ment was also a huge fan of Verne and due to the shared worries of cosmic proportions. When Harry's parents passed away, he sold the drugstore and went to live at Doctor Ment's house, to join hi in his weird and crazy crusade against cosmic horrors.

(Species: Heliogabalus)

Awfully coward, this little being with tentacles always tries to escape from all the troubles he gets in using his verbosity, he can generate helium by putting together his respiratory and circulatory systems. In that way, he lightly swells his bodym wich enables him to levitate. Moreover, his greenish skin can create light in the dark.

Note: There are different variations suspected of this weird entity, adapted to the four elements, even if only two have been discovered: aerial (helioblobes) and aquatic ones (hydroglobes).

Sal Tamontti
(Salvatore Tamontti)

(Price Fisher)

Mr. & Mrs. Dobson
(Horatius Dobson / Felicia Dobson)

(Morris Hutchinson)

(Joseph Starsky)

(Selma Pratchett)

(Otis Samson Jackson)

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"Arcane Secrets. The Curse of the Mottled Tentacle". A comic-book series by Ángel A. Svoboda,
inspired by the
Cthulhu Mythos by the master of Providence, H.P. Lovecraft.