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Ángel Antón Svoboda (Alicante, SPAIN. 1973)

Avid reader of comic-books from the childhood and later educated in the School of Art and Design from Alicante (Spain). I founded my own advertising studio, I am, I can, where I´m the art director.

Contributor in the comic-book magazines "Amaniaco" and "Mister K". For the last one, I created to "Malacara Jack", a western bandit more stupid than his horse.

Once consolidated I am, I can, I decided go back to the comic-book universe with an ancient project, "Arcane Secrets", published in Spain by Dibbuks.

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"Arcane Secrets. The Curse of the Mottled Tentacle". A comic-book series by Ángel A. Svoboda,
inspired by the
Cthulhu Mythos by the master of Providence, H.P. Lovecraft.